I need to do work, but I really don\’t feel like it.  How many times a day do people feel that way.  We Americans ae so darn lazy.  After this entry I will work I promise you!  I got a B+ on my Exploratory Paper.  Thank Goodness, It took long enough.  It was so pretty yesterday, I wrote some poetry and stuff and that was pretty cool.  Umm what else.  Oh Chris came over and we finished season 1 of scrubs and played Super Mario World.  We\’re such dorks.  Not too much else.  Except that boys stress me out.  I need to just get over them all.  I wanna go to Austin.

\”Even though I\’m walking through the valley of the shadow, I will hold on to the hand of Him, \’cause love will comfort me.\” – Mark Schultz

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  1. boys are for the most part, douchebags and liars. not nearly worth the trouble.:)to quote my favorite television show ever:Hillbilly: I got lost in the woods long time ago, then I married me a bear.Hillbilly wife: I durn told you cletus, I’m not a bear!!!Hillbilly: RAWR RAWR RAWR! Nobody understands you she-bear!LoC

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