On a Boat

I am so sunburned from going out on Rachel\’s boat.  It
hurts.  Me, Shelly and Rachel had so much fun though, so it was
worth it.  Then Mike came over for a little bit because he
had  an hour or so to kill before Rachel got home from the
doctor.  Then Susan, my mom and I went to usher TUTS\’s Beauty and
the Beast at the Hobby Center.  It was pretty good.  It
reminded me of high school.  I miss high school.  This has
been a great vacation so far.  Actually, I\’ve been having a good
couple of weeks.  I\’m actually going out and doing stuff.  It
makes me happy.  Now if I could just get rid of this sunburn
everything would be perfect!

\”Great, now we have the knowledge that my dad is peeing off the back of the boat.\” – Rachel
\”Wearing my shirt.\” – Shelly

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