Well, it\’s the Thursday before spring break and I should really REALLY clean cause I\’m leaving for Houston tomorrow.  It should be interesting.  My life is like completely different from the last time I went to Houston a month ago.  My life has like completely changed in only a month.  Isn\’t that crazy?!  So I\’m not sure how it will feel to be pulled back into the Spring life again, ya know?  It was soo cute.  This morning at daily mass it was the day that the private school kids came to church and the 2nd grade did like all the readings and stuff.  It was sooo adorable.  I didn\’t go to astronomy because I had to write a paper for English I completely forgot about til this morning….thankfully I remembered it on the way to mass.  So yeah, went to english…..erg.  I hate english with a passion.  We have homework over spring break.  how sucky is that.  and another 8-10 page paper.  She hasn\’t even graded our exploratory papers yet.  She said it\’s taking longer than she expected.  No kidding, it\’s 8-10 pages each.  Bah.

\”How would you like to be a leftover? Well it wouldn\’t be too bad if they were taking people out to be shot.  I might even volunteer.\” – George Carlin

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  1. Hey kiddo, I got the tickets – yours is $23…have a great Spring Break!!! Can’t wait-it’s gonna be way fun fo’ real.

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