Stars Make Me Sleep

It is so hard to stay awake in astronomy.  It\’s the only class I don\’t have a 100 in right now…(I have an 85…urgh).  And I\’m not a huge fan of english cause yeah, it sucks.  everyone else I know that had to write exploratory papers wrote about 4 pages max.  My teacher required 8 pages minimum.  There\’s something that just doesn\’t seem right about that.  I\’m worried about my living situation next year too, because, well let\’s just say that I got left out in the cold a little bit and now I have to figure out what I\’m gonna do next year.  I\’m most def going to Austin, in case ya\’ll didn\’t know.  Then there\’s this whole Joey thing which is just straight up complicated.  Not to mention I\’ve got to get ready for confirmation retreat.  Ah.  So much to do.  Thank goodness I\’ve been going to daily mass.  It helps keep me sane.

\”Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.\” – Abraham Lincoln

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