I like laying on the grass

I\’m having a marvelous day!  And the fact that it\’s Monday doesn\’t even ruin it really.  Let\’s see, Saturday I hung out with Joey…what else is new and then went to IHOP with Chris and we had soo much fun!!  It was awesome!  It was really good, but I shouldn\’t have had the eggs cause real eggs make me sick if I eat a lot of them…by a lot i mean like 4 in a 48 hour period.  Anyways, we had a lot of fun, regardless.  Then on Sunday I went to a Chinese restaurant which rocked cause I\’ve been craving fried rice forever and played skip bo with Joey and Sam…which was…interesting.  It was fun though.  Today, Mass @ 8 am, Music Appreciation, Anthropology (I got a 103 on my test….rock on!), and govt. was cancelled so me, Alex, Rachel, Chris, Joey, and Sam ate lunch together and played the piano and had a lot of fun conversations….lol. Then we laid in the grass.  It was awesome.  It is such a Beautiful day.  There\’s an Indian Pow Wow on Saturday in the bluebonnet ballroom.  how cool is that.

\”No one ever expects the pork loin!\”

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