Catching Up

I know I haven\’t written in a while, but I\’ve actually been doing stuff.  I\’ve been soo busy.  Let\’s see,

Friday I went to class, ate lunch with Rachel, Joey, Chris, and Stephen, walked to the engineering building cause joey needed something and Phillipe was there serving bar-b-que.  Then me and Chris hung out for a while, till he realized that he had homework due later that night so he left and I started on my homework, but I couldn\’t focus very well, so I went to bother joey, which I probably shouldn\’t have done cause he had like 4 chemistry reports due today and he like didn\’t work at all when I was there.  Then Stephen came and hung out with us for a while and then we went to eat dinner cause yeah…then joey, daniel and I played Skip-Bo which is the most awesome game in the world!  I won the 4th time.  Rock on.

Saturday I hung out with Joey like all day long.  We went to Chili\’s, where we saw Lauren, which is awesome, cause I knew she worked there and we talked about our evil english paper we had to write.  Then we went to target to find a belt and then went to Euless, TX for Joey\’s sister\’s (Nikki\’s) confirmation.  So yeah I met his whole family, kinda awkward, but whatever….we\’re just friends.  But yeah at the confirmation this guy came up to us and asked us to usher….so I did.  It was really weird, cause I\’ve never even ushered @ CGS before.  But yeah it was fun.  I liked the church it reminded me of home.  Then there was the party and I tried triple delight, which was very good.  Yeah and we hung out with his family until 11ish maybe.  Then we drove everywhere in the world.  Like seriously, we went to downtown Dallas and fort worth and Irving and grapevine and all sorts of places.  i got a tour of like the whole metroplex at 2-3 in the morning.

Sunday I worked on my paper all day long pretty much, which I\’m not completely done with, but hey….I need a break.  I actually ate dinner and I was still hungry enough to eat a sandwich and nachos and stuff.  I really want to eat my microwavable brownie today

Today I went to class….surprisingly, if joey didn\’t call me I wouldn\’t have woken up like at all and if i didn\’t go…he would have taken attendance….of this I am sure.  But yeah class, lunch, homework, doctor….the usual stuff.  But it\’s sooo pretty outside so maybe I\’ll get to take a walk or go see the symphony tonight.  Ooh that would be fun!

\”There are only two things that expand indefinitely:  the universe and human stupidity, and I\’m not so sure about the universe.\” – Albert Einstein

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