Karen the Hermit

Today was a boring little day for karen the hermit.  I don\’t mind being a hermit though, it\’s what i wanted this semester.  it\’s probably not good for me though.  I\’m doing really good in school though so yeah it\’s worth it.  I watched alot of the first season of America\’s Next Top Model and I love Shannon.  She\’s my favorite cause not only would she stand up for her faith and morals, but she rocked it on the runway and was a true example of a good Christian.  It made me happy that she got in 2nd.  I also read up on various Saints today which was really cool.  I mean there are so many holy men and women that have done soo much and it just uplifts my hopes for this world.  Because God will prevail. Always.

\”They say that we are too poor, but can a heart which possesses the infinite God be truly called poor?\” – Saint Clare

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