Homecoming for Basketball

I have GOT to get more sleep.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  This weekend my parents and sister came up to visit me in poor boring Arlington.  It was fun.  Me, Rachel and Mr. Neyrey went to see the Homecoming basketball game and we totally beat Lamar.  It was such a good game.  It was like 75 to 73 or something really close.  It was awesome!  It\’s freaking cold though.  Then my mom and I went to see the planetarium show and then to Bennigan\’s and then to Target to shop.  Then Joey came over and we talked forever.  Like seriously forever and if I do that again I\’ll die of sleep deprivation.  Then we went to church this morning and to Denny\’s.  So yeah that was fun.  Then I slept for like 5 hours cause I was super super tired.  Then I hung out with Rachel and Skye for a little bit then ate dinner with Sam and Andrea and I found out Sam is going to Austin next year!  I\’m sooo excited!  Hook \’em Horns!  I can\’t wait.  I don\’t know what I should be doing with the rest of my life though.  What else is new.  I\’ve decided to try to think short term instead of completely in the future cause I\’m stressing myself out like this.

\”5/4 of people don\’t understand fractions.\”

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  1. Hey Karen!  I hope you get more sleep and I hope you have a great week! Oh….5/4ths?  Really?  That’s as bad as the newspaper saying the mass of the earth is measured in kilometers.

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