Japanese Steakhouse

So last night was fun cause Chelsea, Rachel, Mike, Skye and I went to Hibachi.  I think there was some tension, but I was kinda off in my own little world.  I bought What Dreams May Come, but I think I left it in Mike\’s car….I hope, cause I don\’t really know where it is.  Anyways, I have an astronomy test tomorrow morning so I\’ve been cramming for that and I finally did my laundry.  Thank goodness.  My rooms still not clean though and I really need to do that before this weekend because well, my parent\’s are coming and it needs to be clean.  I can\’t let them know how I truly live…lol.  I hope my test goes ok tomorrow.  I always get nervous about astronomy tests cause it\’s not my favorite subject.  Anyways, I don\’t really have anything else to say except that I got a 100 on my music appreciation test…yay!  I\’m excited.  I like getting good grades, it makes me feel better about not having a life.

\”My birthday was 10 days ago; You gave me an elephant; Eat a piece of cake.\” – Me

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