Flava Flav

It\’s 2:17 am and I should be sleeping, but my internet has been crapping out a lot lately so I figured I\’d write something.  Friday me, Skye, Skye\’s b/f, Mike, and Rachel went to Chili\’s and it was soo good.  I love real food.  Then Kattiey\’s friend Morgan came and we watched Flavor of Love….hehe.  I took the sleepy medicine Friday night so I went to bed relatively early.  Saturday I went to Wal-Mart with Rach and Chelsea, which was fun.  But I didn\’t do anything else all day.  Today I went to church, watched Scrubs and NewsRadio with Chris and had really great conversations with Kattiey and Chris about AI, cloning, evolution, human souls, cannibalism, fear, sinning, being saved, confession, judgement day, not knowing what\’s gonna happen, being a good Christian.  all that fun stuff.  I love talks like that!

\”This is courage…to bear unflinchingly what Heaven sends.\” – Euripedes

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