Don\’t Die in Music Class

Note to self:  When having to go to the music building at 9, don\’t wake up at 8:48.  I actually made it on time, surprising enough, but I almost died I swear.  By the time I got there, I couldn\’t breathe and needed water, and there was none so I spent all of music trying not to choke.  Ugh I have so much stuff to do.  I have homework and I must clean my room.  Oh and anyone that cares the psychiatrist diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder and told me that I could either go on an anti-depressant or go to a psychologist for therapy.  So on Monday I get to talk to a psychologist cause I didn\’t want to go on medication.  Anyways…I got stuff to do and the Olympics starts tonight.  Yay!

\”What are ya\’ll talking about?\” – Rachel

\”Oh, Chris doesn\’t agree with Civil Rights\” – Me

\”I told you so.\” – Rachel

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