Worrying About Nothing

I don\’t know what\’s been wrong with me lately.  I\’ve been like stressing out for no reason.  Like no reason at all.  It\’s like I\’m overworked, but I\’m really not.  I think I\’m going crazy.  It\’s not like I have nothing to do, but I\’m not particularly worried about anything.  classes are going fine.  I\’ve been keeping up with what I need to do, with the exception of the Mary narrative, which I will hopefully right sometime tonight after I pray.  I even cleaned my room.  I don\’t get it.  I\’m super pumped about this retreat.  It\’s exactly what I need I think.  I love crossroads!

\”I think it\’s time to find a better way to live my life than loving all those things that keep me wrapped up so tight.\” – Sanctus Real

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