Phone Gremlins

Ok so the weirdest thing ever happened.  Last night at like 3 am, I get a message on my phone saying nice pic, who is this?  and there was like no number at all I had no clue what it was all about, but apparently my phone sent a picture to my friend Mike last night at 3 am, and I have not a clue as to why or how.  Isn\’t that beyond bizarre?  I don\’t know what happened.  it has a mind of its own I swear.  Good day today.  Astronomy and then English was cancelled so me and Lauren walked around for a while cause it was so pretty outside until I decided to eat the rest of my spaghetti warehouse food.  it was oh so good.  I have stuff to do for xr this week and get all ready.  so yeah.  fun and exciting.  oh and Alex makes me happy!

\”Not armanga.  My manga\” – Cory on Boy Meets World

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