Spell Check? What\’s That?

Perhaps I should spell check my posts.  Although, that is apparently the way to get comments.  Anyways.  I meant Chris.  I totally woke up at 8:45 and ran to Music App. which is like completely across campus pretty much, but i still made it on time….surprisingly.  Then anthro where we had our first quiz.  I\’m pretty sure I aced it though.  Yay!  And then to Govt., but Millsap didn\’t show up so no class.  I hope nothing happened to him, cause Kattiey has him earlier in the day and he was there @ 8, but not at 11.  Going to Hibachi tonight w/Rach and Mike.  It should be fun to eat, you know, real food.  Alright, well I guess I\’m gonna go now.

\”I think he just talks to hear himself talk.\” – Kattiey

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  1. Hey, dont think I know you…but my tracker said you came to my site via your email…and the only way I know that could happen is if youre subscribed to me…which you arent. So I’m just confused…only thing I could think of is someone emailed you the link to my site. If you could give me some insight, I’d be a lot less confused.

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