Sharktales. Woo Hoo.

Astronomy was so incredibly distracting today.  The guy in front of me was watching Sharktales with captions on and everything on his computer, which is infinitely more interesting than astronomy.  No offense to Professor Rubins.  Then English.  Argumentative topics of the day:  Health Center\’s no walk in policy, grading system + – issue, cafeteria food, and lab credit hours.  Then I came back to the dorm and did nothing until Chris came over and we watched Scrubs some more and then to the Golden Chick for dinner, then Target to buy groceries, but then I left my debit card at Target, so I had to go back with Rach.  And now I\’m here.  I\’m in a weird mood today.  Last night was so weird.

\”I miss you so much it hurts sometimes.\” – Zach Braff Scrubs

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