All for a Quote

Ah.  Naps are oh so wonderful!  I didn\’t have govt. today so I went home and slept for like 2 hours.  It was nice, except that I got a charley horse and now my legs hurts.  Anyways.  Other than that I really haven\’t done much, except I did my English…thank goodness.  So that means I\’ll probably go to bowling and billiards tonight with rach.  Hey free food works for me.  Now that I got the stuff-I-absolutely-have-to-do-today-because-it\’s-due-tomorrow stuff off my to-do list I can move on to less important matters that I need to do, but they\’re not as stressful or too terribly urgent.  Music App is so fun.  We listened to Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  It reminded me of my mom cause she\’s very much a Wizard of Oz fan.  As is Nathan Harrison.  I don\’t know why I thought of that.  Joe told me that once.  At least I\’m pretty sure he did.  I really need to do laundry.  I was gonna do it yesterday, but I very much didn\’t.  Anyways.  I just wanted to write because I wanted to put up my quote of the day.

\”I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well.  I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself.\” – Dashboard Confessional

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