Locked Out

So I totally locked myself out of my room this morning.  So I tried to break in kinda sorta, but that didn\’t work.  Then Kattiey locked herself too and then the guy came up to let us both in, but my key no longer works in my door.  So now I have to call maintenance who aren\’t here until monday at least so they can fix my lock.  Although, they still haven\’t fixed my phone line.  I left a message though.  Blah.Yesterday was FNL and it was fun.  Even though Chris totally ditched us.  I saw the picture of Noah on Angie\’s website!  Congratulations!  I wish I could\’ve been there to visit, but alas, I need to go to school.  Speaking of which I have to go to the library to find that anthro book.  Blah.  So dumb.  Anyways, I\’m gonna go now.

\”Don\’t play that game with me, cause you know I\’ll win.\” – Me


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