Who am I?

I\’m think I\’m beginning to learn alot more about myself.  I have never really stopped and thought about it and sat down to think about why I do the things I do or act the way I do.  I think it\’s hard to really know who you are because you are so involved that you can\’t seperate from yourself to look at it unbiasedly or objectively at all.  How can you really learn who you are if you can never really look at yourself, if that makes sense at all.  Anyways.  Day 2 of Spring Semester.  Music Appreciation.  It seems fun.  My prof. has an awesome accent and seems cool.  Anthropology intimidates me a little.  I have no idea what to expect.  the prof. even took role today.  Eek!  Then govt. which should be interesting this semester.  Then went to the health center with rach and chris cause chris hurt his foot, and it might be fractured and he might need surgery, which is no good.  Then I ate lunch and walked around for a while.  Talked about how Catholics aren\’t cannibals and went to Chris\’s for like 10 minutes before I decided to walk home.  Anyways, I really should be doing my english and anthropology homework right now.  Bleh.  No fun.

\”Who\’d ya think your kidding?  He\’s the earth and heaven to ya.  Try to keep it hidden, honey we can see right through ya.  Girl ya can\’t conceal it.\” – Hercules

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