My Schedule This Semester

I went to bed at 11 last night.  Can you believe it?  That\’s the earliest I\’ve been asleep in like months it seems.  I got 12 hours of sleep.  Rock on.  Hopefully that means that I can do my work today to get ready for the first day of spring semester.  Here\’s how my schedule looks.


9:00-9:50 – Music Appreciation

10:00-10:50 – Cultural Anthropology

11:00-11:50 – State and Local Government


9:30-10:50 – Astronomy II

11:00-12:20 – Argumentative Writing


12:30-1:20 – Astronomy Lab

So that should be fun.  When I go back to school I\’ll give a full update on what these classes will actually be like and whatnot, but I can predict.  Music Appreciation I don\’t think will be hard, but I have a feeling I\’ll have to study alot for it.  I think it\’s mostly memorization.  I\’m worried about getting there on time cuase it\’s the farthest away from my dorm.  Across Cooper.  But most of you probably don\’t know what Cooper is so nevermind.  I have no idea what to expect from cultural anthropology.  I got my books though.  Oh yes. Demonic males.  I\’m a little nervous about it, but hey, what can I do.  Govt. I\’m not worried about at all.  I had Millsap last semester for U.S. govt. and I did fine.  He\’s cool.  Plus Chris and Rach are both in my class which is gonna be fun.  Astronomy II should be pretty good too.  I heard that Rubins is awesome.  I had Nila last semester who was ok, but alot of people didn\’t like her.  I don\’t know how English is gonna be this semester.  I don\’t know anything about my teacher and I know it\’s alot of writing. So we shall see.  My keyboard is losing it\’s letters.  The E is barely visable.  the D is just a straight line.  Other letters that are disappearing are R, S, F, G, C, V, N, and M.  I need a whiteout pen or something to alleviate this problem.  Anyways, I must get today started.

\”I hate all guys….except for you Chris.\” – Me

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