Girl Night

Yay fun party with the girls tonight!  I\’m so glad that I went to Girly Night.  We were going to go to P.F. Chang\’s, but the wait was like an hour and we didn\’t ahve time for that so we went to Panera instead (in the woodlands, thank goodness!) I had a Frontega Chicken Panini….yummm.  Then we went to see Nathan\’s concert thing at border\’s, which was fun and free.  Let\’s see, It was me, kelly, kailey, barbara, colette, one of barbara\’s friends that i never got her name…oops, mely, megan, eden, kolby, alan, and josh r. I think that\’s all the people that I knew there….if not sorry!  He was pretty good and it was mucho fun.  After the show we walked down to starbucks and guess who i ran into?  I ran into Carlos, the guy who lives across the hall from me at KC Hall (my dorm in Arlington)  Isn\’t that super bizarre.  He\’s not coming back to UTA next semester, so we\’re no longer neighbors.  Sad.  I should call jessica and tell her cause he\’s in a frat so they know each other.  Anyways, I had hot chocolate and water and then i came home and talked to my daddy about apartments for next year in Austin, cause i\’m totally transfering.  Rock on!

\”Agubwa!  It was so awkward I had to invent a word.\” – Boy Meets World

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