Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!  hope everyone had a great new years.  Let\’s see, I finally listened to the confession cd Danny lent me.  Oh so awesome.  Then I went to church which was awesome, cause it\’s church, then we had our little family new year\’s eve party thing.  Kirsten, Shelly and Rachel all came.  It felt so much like a classic new year\’s, although none of them stayed overnight.  Then we went to Champp\’s to see Matt (Ray\’s boyfriend) and we had fun there to ring in the new year.  So when I came home Matt Wood, Jade Southwick, Nick Bazan, were all at my house so i got to talk to Jade for a little bit, which was cool, cause i haven\’t seen her in forever.  Then all the boys went home and jade and ray and shelly and everyone so I\’m here all alone by my lonesome.  Oh well.  Anyways, I guess I\’ll go.

\”We\’ll be miles apart.  I\’ll keep you deep inside…you\’re always in my heart.\” – Yellowcard

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