Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!  Let\’s see, the big important thing I got for Christmas was a really freaking awesome digital camera.  It\’s so nice.  Other than that I got, a fleece jacket, a book of random papal trivia, a Christmas Virtues Chicken Soup book, a Wicked T-shirt, the RENT soundtrack, the 3rd season of BMW, a key alarm thing, and a wallet.  So yeah overall a good Christmas, but I wasn\’t really expecting anything really.  I am happy about the camera…now if I could just take decent pictures….but that\’s a whole nother story.  haha nother\’s not really a word, but i always say it anyways.  Then my family went to Austin to see my brother, Dan, whom I hadn\’t seen since summer break, so that was fun.  We drove for the majority of the day and only visted him for like 2 hours.  We brought the dog, so that was fun.  We ate at Denny\’s for Christmas dinner.  Oh how I adore my family.  Then to Prestonwood to see the lights and to Wimbeldon Estates to see the worst light decorated tree I\’ve ever seen.  Midnight mass was absolutely AMAZING last night.  Father John had such an awesome homily.  I really felt it.  He was so funny.  Anyways, my daddy got the internet working on my computer so rock on…a bonus christmas gift.  Thank you to everyone that has been there for me this past week.  I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful friends who are willing to help me out when I\’m sad and things aren\’t going well.  I know that I thanked Stephanie and Danny earlier, but seriously both of you have done so much for me this week and I really do appreciate it.  Thanks a million and Merry Christmas!

\”At this point I didn\’t really care if he came to town at all.\” – Father John

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