I Deserve

I deserve a guy…
that really loves me, that respects me, that is
honest with me, that wants me, that will fight for me, that will
romance me, that will compliment me, that will make me laugh, that will
be loyal to me, that will appreciate me, that knows what a treasure I
am, that thinks I\’m beautiful, that will do anything for me…
I\’m worth this and more.
I don\’t deserve anything less.
God died for me.  I\’m worth the world to him.  JPII once said
that all a guy needs to know about how to love a woman can be learned
by looking at the crucifx.  God gives us unexplainable
worth.  I\’m a good person with alot of love to offer.  The
question is, who is willing to take it?

\”I\’m a princess because my father is the King of Kings.\”

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