I have been so horrible the past 2 days.  I actually stopped and
looked at myself and what I\’ve become and it makes me sick to my
stomach.  I have to grow up, because at the rate I\’m going I will
never be happy.  Ever.  I need to get out of high school
mindset.  2 days ago everything was perfect and then all of a
sudden my entire world has flipped upside down and it\’s not good
anymore.  I don\’t even know how to explain it to people because I
don\’t even know what I\’ve done wrong.  I think this is my
punishment for every mistake I\’ve ever made.  I feel utterly
awful.  I want to make everything better, but I don\’t think I
can.  I think that the only thing that will make it better is if I
just leave.  I don\’t want to leave.  I\’m not looking to get
out of this.  I think that I am out of this now though.  Oh
so alone.  So very much alone.

\”I\’m alone in the universe, so alone in the universe.\”

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