I don\’t feel like writing anything real so survey time.

x. slept in your bed: Me…who else
saw you cry: Susan saw me get teary eyed, but i wan\’t like crying….i don\’t really cry in front of people if I can help it
x. made you cry: boys
spent the night at your house: well chris slept on our dorm couch one
night, if that counts…it wasn\’t like a sleepover or anything.
The last sleepover I had was with either Sara or Stephanie forever
ago.  Probably Steph
x. you shared a drink with: Rachel
x. you went to the movies with: My mom and sister…Meaghan Golden,
Matt Sobotik and Allison Harvard were all there too.  Rent was so
x. yelled at you: Probably Bil….he always yells
x. told you they loved you: Rachel on the phone today

x. gotten in a fight with your pet: no
x. been to new york: yes…it\’s awesome…not as awesome as Boston, but awesome nonetheless
x. dreamed something really crazy & then it happened the next day: No…my dreams are way to weird to actually happen
had an imaginary friend: Yeah…but not like a hugely permanent one, I can\’t even remember her name.

x. red or blue: blue
x. spring or fall: fall (although every season has something to merit and look forward too)
x. last noise you heard: the keyboard…it\’s load, I\’m on my parent\’s computer
x. last time you went out of the country: Went to Canada last summer…I always go to Canada
x. things you like in the opposite sex: boys are  not nearly as
dramatic which is good, cause I\’m dramatic enough for 2 people and
they\’re also more fun
x. do you have a crush on someone: yeah….hehe
x. what book are you reading now: i\’m trying to read let the fire fall but it\’s going very very slowly
x. worst feeling in the world: unloved/unwanted/abandoned
x. what is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: what time is it
how many rings before you answer: however many it takes to get to my phone
x. future daughter\’s name: Emily Nicole, Eden Therese, Jacqueline Rebecca, Melissa Clare, and Amanda Mary
x. future son\’s name:  Caedmon Joseph, Stephen Matthias, Benjamin Alexander, Logan Daniel, and Christopher James
x. do you sleep with a stuffed animal: No
x. if you could have any job you wanted, what would it be: I would be a
high school sociology teacher, or a guidence counselor.  Actually
I want to get married and be an overly involved mother, but that
doesn\’t pay.
are you a righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: right handed…i\’m boring
x. do you type with your fingers on the right keys: no, I nbever really
learned, but I\’m still faster than some people that do it correctly so
x. what\’s under your bed: in houston? my beds wooden and has drawrs and
stuff so theres like letters and stuff in the drawers, in Arlington?
nothing right now…normally my shoes
x. favorite sport to watch: baseball….go red sox
x. siblings: 2 older bros and 1 little sis
x. college plans: UTA for a year than UT to graduate possibly major in
sociology (dream), but most likely will major in history (to teach
social studies so I can actaully get employed when I graduate…ugh)
x. boyfriend/girlfriend: nope

x. do you do drugs: no
x. do you drink: no
x. who is your best friend: joe and rachel
x. what are you most scared of: being completely alone
what clothes do you sleep in: t-shirt and pajama pants
x. who is the last person that called you: my mommy
x. where do you want to get married: Christ the Good Shepherd
x. favorite number(s): 2
x. what type of automobile do you drive: I don\’t have a car, but i sometimes drive my mom\’s 91 buick leSabre
x. are you timely or always late: it depends
x. do you have a job: student
x. do you like being around people: yeah
x. best feeling in the world: when you really feel God\’s presence
x. are you a health freak: no… i should start though…i eat so bad

have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: yeah
x. want someone you don\’t have right now: yeah
x. are you lonely right now? no not really…people love me
x. ever afraid you\’ll never get married: i hope i get married, i\’m not
afraid that no one will ever love me, but i\’m a little worried i\’ll get
into a really long serious relationship with a wonderful guy and he\’ll
leave me for the preisthood…an honorable profession, but sucks to be
in love with one…and knowing my luck there\’s a chance for that
x. do you want to get married: yes
x. do you want kids: yes

x. cried: no
x. bought something: yeah, joe and i bought the 2nd season of BMW…we\’re so dorky
x. said \”i love you\”: i don\’t think so
x. met someone new: Olivia\’s friends
talked to someone: yeah…people at the anselmi\’s
x. missed someone: yeah
x.hugged someone: yeah
x. fought with your parents: kinda….about the tree
x. dream about someone you can\’t be with: Not seriously….I\’m happy with what I have
x. had a lot of sleep: yeah…i love not having school

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