In Town

Hey all.  Reporting to you live from Houston Texas in my parent\’s
house.  My computer doesn\’t have the internet so I get to use the
downstairs computer.  Oh well.  It\’ll be good for me to not
be on the computer constantly.  Anyways, I got in on Tuesday and
went to the Mongolian Cafe with Joe and wednesday I got my hair
done.  I like it.  It makes me happy.  Then to wednesday
night where I got a little update on the going ons at CGS.
Anyways, Yesterday I went to Jason\’s Deli and hung out with the family
and I don\’t really know what I\’m doing today.  I think me, my mom
and my sister are going to see RENT.  So yeah things have been
going good I guess. I\’ve just been chilling.  If you wanna hang
out, give me a call.

\”So if we don\’t change the world, you\’ll flunk us?\” – Pay it Forward

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  1. You are invited to Girly Day Part Deux, check out my post for more details.  Also, feel free to invite any other girls you want, and please join us afterwards for our CGS Christmas Service Project!

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