I Don\’t Want to Go To Lubbock

So this is probably going to be my last Arlington entry in a while, because well I\’m leaving tomorrow to back to Houston.  finally.  I can\’t sleep.  It\’s midnight and I vowed to go to bed early, but I just can\’t sleep.  I have so much on my mind.  I have been packing up my room for the last couple of days…well mainly just today, the other days I tried,but didn\’t work out well.  Nothing is in my fridge anymore and tomorrow after my astronomy final I\’ll have to really get down and dirty with the cleaning.  Something\’s wrong with my phone charger.  It doesn\’t work very well.  I have to tape it to together to work so I guess that means a trip to the cingular store when I get back.  I hate astronomy.  It\’s bad enough that I have a B in that class and it is very unlikely that I\’ll get an A, which is sad because I really have a good shot at having all A\’s this semester….except that class.  I hope it\’s a B though and not a C or a D.  I can\’t afford a D.  I told joe that if I fail Astronomy that I would apply to Texas Tech and go there next semester because I wouldn\’t get into UT…haha.  I hate the fact that she gave us new information on the last day of classes with a sub *she wasn\’t even there* and now she\’s gonna test on something that she didn\’t even freaking go over and gave us NO time to ask her about.  She should of just cancelled class that day and taken meteorites off the test or done review with the sub and go over new material the class before.  Ugh.  Anger.  I\’ve decided I will make an effort to better myself.  There are some things that I need to work on.  For the love of everything that is good and holy I have got to be more understanding of others.  I\’m having issues with it.  Anyways, I don\’t know what else to say besides goodbye for now, I\’ll see you in Houston.

\”Mmm pants.\” – Chris

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