Ice Day

Playing on the ice was fun last night.  It was nice and slippery.  Yay for at least an interesting walk to the cafeteria.  Alot of the ice was gone today, and finals got cancelled so i had really nothing to do.  Haha.  Like I ever have anything to do.  Tomorrow is super rummage/clean day.  Jessica\’s gone for the weekend so I\’m all by my lonesome.  It\’s actaully really sad.  I hate being alone.  It\’s boring.  It\’s also really cold and my hair\’s wet from my shower so it\’s really not helping.  Went to Don Pablo\’s tonight and got real food yay!  I really want chocolate right now.  I don\’t know why.  I\’m in the mood for something sweet.  Oh where is Joe when I need him.  Sorry about that.  In other news I completely ate it on the ice today walking back from lunch.  It was really funny.  Immaculate Conception today.  The preist was talking about how Mary was a vessel that God used.  It made me think about how the bread and wine are vessels for the body and the blood of Jesus Christ.  Isn\’t it cool how God can take like nothing and make it so extrordinary.  That\’s so cool!

\”Using a system of pulleys you can suspend everything above the floor.\” – Joe

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