Stuck in My Room

It\’s gonna snow.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I haven\’t really seen sticking snow in like forever so the chance will be pretty cool.  I might not have my astronomy final tomorrow morning, because right now, the university is closed….i think.  That was chris said at least.  If that\’s the case it bides me time to study for it, cause I really can\’t bring myself to study for it anyways.  However it means that it is FLIPPING COLD outside.  This really Really discourages me from leaving the comfort of my nice toasty room to get life necessities, like food from the cafeteria and all i have in my room is mushy food and that gets really really old really really fast and there\’s no way i could convince rachel to leave her room to go to the cafeteria with me.  This also means that the exam will be rescheduled (if it\’s closed, and if not I still have to walk in the freezing cold weather to get there) I\’ll probably be stuck in Arlington longer than I was supposed to be, which is sad cause I wanna see joe.  AND not to mention the roads will be icy and it\’ll be really unsafe to drive anyways so I really don\’t think we\’ll leave then anyways.  So that\’s no good either.  In other news I have taken 3 of my 4 finals…only one more to go astronomy…bleck!!  I think I did good on my trig final and sociology final and I think I did ok on my govt. final.  Hopefully he\’ll curve it.  I woke up so super early today and when i got back to my room I slept for 3 hours.  Then I was really hungry so I decided to eat some of the mushiness.  I don\’t know what I\’m gonna do for dinner.  It\’s also really warm and stuffy in my room and so I have my window open.  It\’s like 16 degrees outside (feels like 14) and I have my window open.  By 3 it\’s supposed to feel like 9 degrees.  I don\’t want to walk outside in that.  I wish I had food.  My room makes me want to cry.  It\’s so messy.  I must clean.  I must study.

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  1. you can stay in school a few more days, its not like its gonna kill you, its not like youll be in for 2 schedule was just like yours and freaking rita came over and i have to stay till the 22.oh yea, layer up. I know your a girl of modesty so you will have no problem making sure your covered. three shirts sweater, jacket… that should be good.

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