Church Favortism

Aww, Jessica is the sweetest person ever!  She got me an advent calendar.  Lazy day today pretty much.  I went to Fielder Baptist Church this morning and I decided that I can\’t handle it anymore.  It was too much for me and I just can\’t deal with it.  Sorry, I\’ve kinda been upset today.  People can be very frustrating sometimes.  I know that I can use this as a way to practice patience and understanding, but it\’s really really hard sometimes.  People are funny because when we love something we get very protective of it and when we defend it, we aren\’t always the most loving.  I\’m sorry that I wasn\’t as loving and understanding, but I am offended and I did not appreciate it at all.  I\’m not sorry that I got mad, I\’m just sorry that I couldn\’t control my anger.  Ugh….so frustrating.

\”I might only be 18 years old, but the church is 2000 years old.\” – Me

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