Finals Week

1 final down.  3 to go.  Less than a week in Arlington and then I get to go home.  I love Houston I really do.  I\’m all by my lonesome here.  Kattiey went home to Vernon (lucky duck didn\’t have like any finals)  and Jessica is staying at her parent\’s house this weekend.  So I get the whole dorm to myself.  Kinda boring actually.  Here\’s me To Do List for the Week:

1.  Study for sociology, government and astronomy finals

2.  Pass sociology, government and astronomy finals

3.  Clean my room.  Like super clean.

4.  Do Laundry

5.  Pack for Houston

6.  Go to Housing Dept to see if I can change my meal plan for next semester

7.  Help the Crowell\’s decorate for Christmas

8.  Eat

9.  Sleep

10.  Go to Houston

And once I get to Houston I have things to do there to that I specfically put off until I get home to do.  Just some housekeeping stuff.  I really want an A in trig.  I hope I did good on the final.

\”Chris needs to stop playing second life and get a first one.\” – Me


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