Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break was pretty fun.  thursday  was actual thanksgiving dinner.  It was sad.  I barely ate anything (I had like mashed potatoes and gravy cause I was still feeling a little queazy), Dan wasn\’t there at all and Bil had to go to work so in the middle of dinner he had to check his laundry.  Then Thursday night Joe called me and asked if I wanted to go to see Pride and Prejedice, but when we got there it was sold out so we went bowling instead and I did pretty good.  I got 2 strikes on the last frame of the second game.  Then to the Anselmi\’s where we hung out by the firepit.  I love his family soo much.  Anyways then Friday we had Harry Potter day at my house and watched al 3 movies (although I only watched 2 of them…(I\’ve seen the third))  Then I went to Joe\’s for gumbo night.  I had never had gumbo before and it was good but I wasn\’t like omg…this is the most amazing thing EVER!!  Then my mom, Susan, Joe, Leslie, and I went to see the 4th Harry Potter movie to fully complete H.P. day.  I have to say they missed so much of the story….it was really hard to follow, especially if you ahve never read the books.  I had to explain alot of it to Chris, because he doesn\’t read them.  Why I don\’t know.  They\’re good books.  Saturday, I got to see Shelly…omg I miss her.  We\’re talking about living together in an apartment next year in Austin.  How awesome would that be?!  Oh and Joe got in to Texas Tech.  Yay Joe!! We went to the Mongolian Cafe and hung out and stuff.  Then Joe came over and we played dammit (I can\’t believe Chris wants to change the rules…btw)  and I didn\’t completely lose.  It was so much fun.  Then we went to piccomolo\’s and then to wal-mart to get stuff to decorate my purse and it looks so cute now.  I have green and pink vintage looking hearts on it.  Went to church this morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Now I\’m back in Arlington and I have 4 finals to look forward to, but I get to go back to Houston December 8th and I stay until January 17th.  Yay!!!  I miss my Joe.

\”I said it like that because I knew it would make you mad.\” – Joe

\”Why did you try to piss me off?\” – Me

\”Because you were my best friend.  That\’s what best friends do.\” – Joe

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