Food Poisoning

Well, yesterday was not a very good day.  It started Tuesday night
around midnight when I ate some stuffing, mashed potatoes and
gravy.  I started not feeling well, so I assumed that it was just
the stuffing and whanot.  I couldn\’t sleep, cause I felt so
sick.  So I called Joe and he was sleeping so then I called Chris
and he was really sick.  He threw up for like 12 hours.  Then
I had to go to the bathroom and Jessica was in there throwing up all
night long.  So then I started really freaking out.  What are
the chances that Chris, one of my best friends in Arlington and
Jessica, my roomate and me are all sick on the same night.  So I
did what anyone in my situation would do.  I called my
mommy.  I was feeling really bad so Rachel and I left Arlington at
8 am.  I didn\’t sleep at all.  Jessica\’s mom came by and took
care of her and Jessica went to the doctor and had to get an IV for
dehydration.  I hope she\’s ok.  We found out it was the
pumpkin pie we ate on Monday night that made us all sick.
Yes.  Food Poisoning.  Apparently it was only partially
cooked or sometihng like that.  Even I got sick.  The 4 hour
car ride did me in and I threw up for the 1st time in 7 years.
Yesterday was a no good day.  Thank goodness for Rachel taking
care of me.  I went in to shock, because I\’m emetaphobic (deathly
afraid of vomit).  I was so pale and sick.  I\’ve taken 4
showers in the last 24 hours.  I was a nervous wreck and I didn\’t
do much yesterday (as you can probably imagine)  Joe came over and
took care of me for a little bit.  We watched Amelie.  I feel
alot better now.  Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope
that everyone\’s ok.

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