Eating Poorly

In today\’s news Karen made herself quite busy with doing nothing.  After watching Boy Meets World and taking a nap, she proceeded to create a penguin for a special someone.  At around 6:30, Karen and Rachel actually did something productive…dinner.

Breakfast: none

Lunch: Cheeseburger, fries, potato chips, ranch dressing, cucumbers

Dinner: Pizza, fries, ranch dressing, chocolate enchilada.

Wow.  This is probably why I get sick all the time.  Well, while everyone enjoys their wednesday off tomorrow, I will be in class…..blah.  So tomorrow morning you can relish in the fact that while you lounge around, I will be diligently working on inverse trig functions.  let me tell you.  I\’m so excited.  And then at least a 4 hour….most likely much longer because of thanksgiving travel, car ride down to spring.  The only thing that makes this better is that come december 9th when all of you are in school I can relish in the fact that I have over a month off for winter break.  So it\’s even.  I really really REALLY need to clean my room, but I\’ll probably wait until 11.  Ah to be a college student.

\”One hundred thousand lemmings can\’t be wrong.\” – Graffito

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