Weekend Update

Let\’s see this weekend.

Friday: Rachel and I drove down to Spring…it was so awesome.  I haven\’t been home in like over a month.  We got there and I had enough time to go to CGS and see all the people staffing beginning retreat before they left.  It was so great to be there.  I really felt like I was home.  Like I actually belonged somewhere.  I don\’t belong in Arlington.  I don\’t feel it. It was so great to be around people that believe in the same thing I do and were somewhat raised in the same enviornment.  Our church, in my opinion, has one of the strongest youth groups I\’ve ever seen.  Like it\’s seriously a close-knit family.  Everyone\’s always so supportive and you connect on so many different levels.  It\’s absolutely awesome when you can connect with people on a spiritual level.  We need more of that in the world.  Chris also gave me some absolutely awesome CD\’s and a book.  I listened to both CD\’s today and I LOVED them.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Then after saying goodbye to everyone, I went home and ate Chicken Stew.  It was amazing.  I haven\’t eaten real food in like forever!  Then I just chilled at home with my parents.

Saturday:  Woke up and went to the Princess Diana exhibit at the Museaum of Natural Science.  Her brother Charles Spencer was there and we got to meet him.  It was like a group of a bunch of Girl Scouts that got thier gold awards that were invited and we got to talk to him and ask him questions and whatnot.  It was totally on the news, if anyone watched it.  You could see mine and Rachel\’s backs watching Princess Di\’s wedding on a TV thing.  We were so on TV.  Anyways, then we went to Katz.  A place they do NOT have in Arlington (Arlington has way more chains then Spring does…it\’s so annoying….I\’ve been compiling a list of chains in Spring to try and beat Arlington, but it\’s really hard to do.)  It was great.  Then I took a nap and then my parents and I went to Denny\’s, then grocery shopping and then my mom and me and my sister took the dog for a walk.

Sunday:  Went to church and then out to eat at Yen Jing\’s with the Anselmi\’s.  It was fun.  I miss Joe so very much, but I had to leave at 3 so I didn\’t really get to talk to him that much.  Then Rachel and I drove all the way back up and stopped at Cheddar\’s and ate this cookie monster thing.  It was sooo good.  Then back to same old same old.  Got a 97 on my English paper.  Rock on.  2 more days till I get to go back to Houston

List of some Arlington chains they don\’t have in Spring:

Don Pablos

Chicken Express (although they do haveone in Magnolia….does that count?)


Taco Bueno

Spring Creek Barbeque


On the Border



Places that are not found in Arlington that Spring has:

Lupe Tortilla

Willie\’s Ice House

Piccomolo\’s (Although they do have one in Fort Worth)

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