Here\’s a Llama, There\’s a Llama

Guess what I saw on my way to Sociology today?


Oh yes my friends.  That would indeed be a llama. Why they were there, I have not a clue, but nevertheless there they were in the middle of the courtyard.  I don\’t really get it, but hey whatever floats your boat.  I should be more loving and sympathetic towards others.  I think that I\’ve just been kinda annoyed at people and I\’ve been acting pretty selfish.  I dont know what\’s wrong with me.  I think I\’ve let the world get the better of me.  I had an astronomy test today.  I hope I did somewhat decent.  Everything\’s going pretty good.  I\’ve been cleaning and whatnot because tomorrow I\’m going to houston.  Isn\’t that exciting.  I know not as exciting as the llama, but very few things are.

\”I like to massage my polygamy.\” – Prof. Bogue

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  1. I think more people should keep llamas as pets.  We could now.   Chris said he saw you at the church…welcome home for a bit.

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