Having it All Together

It is so hot in my room.  I recently woke up from a nap.  I think I\’m sick…again.  I have to start eating better.  Chris and I are in the process of beating Super Mario World together.  It\’s been lots of fun.  I\’m kinda mad.  We have to get new Mav ID\’s.  That\’s really annoying.  I think I\’m gonna go on wednesday to do it.  I wrote an English paper yesterday.  It\’s 4 and 1/2 pages long.  It\’s about the American Dream.  I hope it\’s ok.  Chris, Kattiey, Jessica, Rachel and I are having a thanksgiving dinner on monday the 21st.  It\’ll be exciting.  I had a math test today…..it was very bad.  I used my calculator to plug things in to check it….it\’s cheap, but whatever.  I\’m hungry but i\’ve already eaten so much today i don\’t know what else to have.  I should eat in the cafeteria tonight probably.  Although, my stomach already doesn\’t agree with me….I probably shouldn\’t risk it.  I want to be more focused.  I want to have it together.  I want to be the kind of person that someone sees and says….how does she do it all?  I wanna be like her.  mmmm.  That would be nice.  maybe someday I will be.  Oh BTW I\’m coming to Houston this weekend, I know most people are going to beg. retreat, but if you\’re not call me and we can hang out if you\’ll be in town.

Next Semester Classes:


9 – Argumentative Writing

10 – Cultural Anthropology

11 – State and local Government


9:30 – Astronomy II

11:00 – Pre-Cal

(R) 12:30 – Astronomy Lab

\”The world doesn\’t care about me, so I have to find individual people to care about me.\” – Joe

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