Umm let\’s see, I ahven\’t written in a while.  Oh well.

Thursday: Astronomy, Sociology Test, KFC with Kattiey and Chris, Chris\’s Apt with piano…fun stuff

Friday: Govt, English, & Trig; Lunch with Rachel, (She beat me at Su Do Ku), Chris came over…bad mood all day….bah humbug

Saturday: Slept forever, woke up, slept some more, went to church, went to Chris\’s, Went to Taco Bell with Rachel and Rachel and Chris, Went to Waco, Got pulled over, Went back to my dorm

Sunday: Slept in, Chris came over, Grocery shopping, Don Pablos, Government h/w

I need to do laundry and tidy up my room.  It\’s generally clean, but the details not so good.  I know this is a disappointing entry I\’m sure, but hey….it\’s 1 in the morning.

\”Did you bite me?\” – Me

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