It hardly ever rains here

I will eat a meal today I promise.  It\’s not that I don\’t ever eat.  It\’s just that I don\’t eat very much and I don\’t eat very well.  But I will eat a meal today.  I promised Joe.  So today is like the 1st day that it\’s rained in Arlington since I\’ve been here, like during school.  There was one day where it rained during the afternoon….or maybe 2, but today was the first \”having to walk across campus to trigonometry and english in the rain\” day.  Pretty good only 1 day out of the last 3 months.  It\’s really cold now though and I\’m still kinda wet.  I should probably change.  I really need to do some work tonight and clean my room and the likes.  And eat.  I need to eat and take a shower too, but I have to do laundry too so work work work today.  That and Chris and I are going to the All Saints Day vigil mass tonight.  November 1: All Saint\’s Day – *Holy day of Obligation*.  Just a reminder in case you didn\’t know.

Girls names:  Melissa Therese, Emily Nicole, Amanda Faith

Boys names:  Caedmon Joseph, Stephen Matthias

\”Satan\’s annoying.\” – Joe

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  1. i heart you karen. i miss you alot.
    It rained on campus in Huntsville today too. It’s rained while going to class before though, so I suppose I’d call it a “walking from English back to my dorm in surprise rain, so I have no umbrella” rain day. :o) Have a wonderful day!

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