20 Lesson Plans Later

I finished all the outlines for the lessons.  Not I have to think of activites for them.  If anyone has any suggestions for cute ideas for activities second graders can do/would like to do, PLEASE tell me.  Anyways, I\’ve pretty much been bored today doing lesson plans and now I\’m even more bored cause I have nothing to do at all.  And it\’s only 10.  I don\’t normally go to bed until at least 3.  So yeah.  Susan\’s b/f is coming over tonight and I said that we should make chocolate chipcookies tonight.  How awesome would that be.  I also kinda want to go swimming.  Oh and I have a message for my soulmate:  It is not my fault that you haven\’t seen me all summer because all you have to do is tell me what you want to do and when, but no….apparently you can\’t do that for me.  but it\’s cool I\’m happy.  You know happy in a crying sort of way.  Curled up naked in the shower biting my knees wishing you were dead kind of happy.

\”If I never loved I never would have cried.  I am a rock.  I am an island.\” – Simon and Garfunkel

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