So no one is here.  I\’m stuck.  I should probably either do laundry, or clean my room, or do homework, or take a shower, or something else productive.  But no.  So yesterday my purse broke and Chris and I went and got stuff to make one and then his dear sweet mother sewed on the strap for me.  Aww she\’s so sweet.  Thank you soooo much for that.  I really appreciate it.  Then we watched Chris\’s puppetry videos which were soo funny.  He knew Joe Scruggs!  I remember going to see him a looong time ago in Houston.  Bahamas in Pajamas.  Anyways it was fun.  Then we watched the muppet show and then I lost in Marble Madness and Cruisin USA then Boy Meets World then Fire Alarm.  I think it\’s been our fifth one.  I think I should start keeping a tally.  It\’s a \”great way to meet people though\”  according to Chris.  That\’s about it.

\”I\’m professor Leaky from the Museum I come to seek young Bruno.  Have you girls seen him?\” – Professor Leaky

\”We don\’t play with Bruno.  Bruno is a dweeb.\” – Girls

\”Dweeb?  Define Dweeb.\” – Professor

\”Well you know.  Like Bruno\” – Girls

\”Hey, We found a lost city!\” – Bruno

\”A Lost City?! Good Show.  BYE!\” – Professor



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