Visiting a Friend

I find myself in yet another bad mood today.  Why, do I keep doing this to myself.  First, I woke up at 9:47 today.  oops.  Yeah my first class definitely starts at 9 and ends at 9:50 so I jump out of bed and like run to English and write a meaningless paper on my American dream.  Ugh.  Then to trig where I had a quiz.  Hopefully I did well.  Then met Ray for lunch (A Panini Brindisi….yum) and then to the advisor.  Next Semester I\’m taking English 1302, Astronomy II, State and Local Govt., and College Algebra.  Haha.  That\’s funny.  I\’m taking trig and next semester I\’m taking college algebra to get math out of my way, hopefully forever!!  Yay!!!  Then Rach came over and we watched BMW and \”studied for our Astronomy test tomorrow.  I\’m so nervous.  I swear, I don\’t know what it is about me not studying for astronomy.  it\’s so not a good idea.  But then Chris called and our friend Skye had surgery today so we went to the hospital and visited her.  We were there for like 4 hours walking around trying to find her.  It was crazy.  It was the first time I have ever been in a hospital, besides the one I was born in.  At least I think.  Anyways, I\’ve been in an awful mood all day long and I\’ve had a huge headache, but I think it\’s cause I was dehydrated, because when I came home I realized I had NO water at all all day until probably 9 or so.  That\’s so not good.  I need to be better about taking care of myself.  I need the Holy Spirit to come and help me fix some things about my life right now, cause I feel like I\’m going down a path I don\’t even need to be on.  It\’s so hard to live a good Christian life.  It\’s a constant battle and sometimes I just say screw it, but I know that\’s wrong.  I need more discipline.  I need more focus.  I need more self-esteem.  I need more self-control.  I need to go to confession.

Time = Money; Women = Time x Money; Money = Square root of all evil;


Women = Money^2 = evil

\”Let\’s go out to eat.\” – Chinh \”Alright, Connection Cafe here we come.\” – Sam \”That\’s not eating.\” -Chinh \”I know, but it\’s cheap.\” – Sam

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