Boring Day

Alright, I\’ll help ya\’ll out a little bit.  4, 5, 12, 15, and 16 are Christian songs.  I didn\’t really expect anyone to get those.  The rest of them are just regular songs that I KNOW people have heard.  I just kinda pick obscure lyrics.  Anyways, I ws supposed to go to church this morning with Kattiey, Chris and Matt, but I totally didn\’t.  Chris called me at like 10 and I don\’t even really remember what he said.  I was so tired.  My room is clean!!  I\’m so excited.  I have got to do my astronomy lab today.  I\’ll probably eat some fried rice, maybe take a shower, head over to the library, do my astronomy lab, go to the UCC (I haven\’t been in like forever)  and get ready for tomorrow.  Kinda a boring day, but that\’s ok.  I had enough excitement last night to last me a while.

\”You keep hanging up on me.\” – Joe

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  1. I know all of them except 15 and 16! I maaaaay have cheated and used search from some of them… but I knew most of them! I don’t want to put the list up because I don’t want to waste it for everyone else

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