Name that Tune!

Come on you know you want to play NAME THAT TUNE!

1.  We would sing and dance around, because we know we can\’t be found.

2.  You\’re a slave to money then you die.

3.  Someone told me love would all save us, but how can that be?  Look what love gave us.

4.  Deep enough to join a million people for a wedding feast.

5.  I could achieve success on earth, but success cannot define my worth.

6.  What I need from you is not available in stores.

7.  I thought I lost you somewhere, but you were never really ever there at all.

8.  And when I touch you I feel happy inside.

9.  There\’s no one left to talk to, honey and there ain\’t no one to buy our innocence.

10.  Come roll in all the riches all around you and for once never wonder what they\’re worth.

11.  She said it\’s cold outside and she hands me my raincoat.  She\’s always worried about things like that.

12.  My name is Mary and I\’m from Greenville, Misssissippi.

13.  These fickle fuddled words confuse me.  Like will it rain today?

14.  Where we finding baby there are milk near by.

15.  Earth shall be fair and all her people one.  Nor \’till that hour should God\’s whole will be done.

16.  When it\’s over and you see it with your eyes, would you rather have the truth or the lies?

17.  Poverty stole your golden shoes, it didn\’t steal your laughter.

18.  And even if I\’m there, they\’ll all imply that I might not last the day.

19.  How do you know everything I\’m about to say?  Am I that obvious, and if it\’s written on my face I hope it never goes away.

20.  I\’ll be captivated.  I\’ll hang from your lips.

Good luck all!


3 thoughts on “Name that Tune!”

  1. ugh, I’m almost embarassed to say that number 19 is Ashlee Simpson. 10 is Pocohontas (heck yes!)and I swear I know 2…um, Bittersweet Symphony? I think so. that’s all i got, plus the 2 that Katrina got. Damn, I’m usually pretty good at this game. I’m ashamed.

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