A Letter from Katrina

I love Katrina.  She is my favorite cousin EVER!!!  She sent me a letter.  Like the ONLY letter I\’ve gotten while in college.  It really made my day.  Let\’s see.  Today\’s my official lazy day.  I\’ll probably de-mess my room,(I clean my room everyday.  I swear, and yet I still have to do it.  ugh!)  I also need to do my astronomy lab.  So I might do homework today too.  Hey ya\’ll, some of my friends really need prayers right now, so if you\’d do me a favor and pray for them.  They\’re going through a really tough time.  And I think I have issues!  I absolutely love my life.  I love my friends.  I love my family.  I love this beautiful world we live in.  I mean I have my fair share of problems, but life is a roller coaster and I wouldn\’t have it an y other way!

\”Lord, it\’s hard to know you.  I don\’t always see your plan.  But holiness is calling me, so take me as I am.\” – Matt Maher

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