Don\’t Put that Razor in Your Mouth

YAY ASTROS!!! Bowling and billiards tonight.  Rather, billiards and kareoke.  We sang For the longest Time.  It totally reminded me of variety show.  I miss Klein.  But I especially miss a certain someone at Klein.  Lunch just isn\’t the same in Arlington without you.  I\’m sorry I\’m being mushy.  I should really be doing work.  But oh well.  Hectic night tonight.  I\’m not gonna get into it, but it ended with a 2 year old trying to eat my razor.  It was scary.  Must make my bed.  I need sleep and a brush.  Darn you stupid hairbrush.  Must go to wal-mart before I resort to brushing my hair with a fork like in the Little Mermaid.  Breakfast with Sam tomorrow, meaning I\’m actually going to wake up to be on time for class.  I think I\’m gonna take a shower and get some work done before my joe calls me.  He\’s reading Siddhartha.  Way to leave things until the last minute, babe!

\”Oh where is my hairbrush?  Oh where is my hairbrush?  Oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where….is my haribrush?\” – Larry the Cucumber

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