Back to School

Back in Arlington.  Back in the humdrum of everything that is school.  I had a trig test today.  I hope I did ok.  Yesterday I went to mass.  Yay for CGS.  I love it there.  Then Joe and I went to Victors and I had a pastrami sandwich.  Then travelled for like 4 1/2 hours back to Arlington.  Chris came over to help me with trig and today we\’re gonna watch Moulin Rouge.  I\’m so excited.  I\’ve been wanting to watch that movie for awhile now.  I\’m done with working right now and taking a much needed break.  BMW here I come.  haha…I\’m obsessed.  Alright well I\’m gonna go.  I\’ll talk to ya\’ll later!

\”I will see you next tuesday unless…\”

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