Peter Pan with a Wicked Song

I\’m in Houston!!!  I was soo cranky yesterday and I don\’t even
remember what I said.  I was this close to not attending
government this morning, but like a good student I did.  And what
did we do?  Watched Mr. Smith goes to washington.  I got my
progress report today.  3 B\’s 2 A\’s.  My 2 A\’s were in Govt.
and Sociology. Can you tell I\’m a social studies chick?  Trig test
on Mon.  I\’m so flipping scared.  Saw Peter Pan.  I
really liked it.  Like I seriously did.  So yay for good
Klein plays.  I also got to see my baby.  Went to Mongolian
Cafe.  Rock on.  Then we went to the \”movies\”, but we just
walked around and then back to my house where I tried on some super
cute dresses my mommy bought me.  I\’m so tired.  Renfest
tomorrow.  I\’m so excited.

\”To die would be an awfully big adventure.\” – Peter Pan

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