The Third Harry Potter Book was the Best

Yesterday I walked to Taco Bell.  It was so freaky.  I don\’t like Cooper at all and it\’s not in a very good part of town and all these creeps honked and yelled at me.
*shudder*  Can\’t a girl walk down the street without getting degraded?  Apparently not.  It\’s not even like I was wearing a skirt or revealing clothes at all.  I was wearing khaki pants and a t-shirt.  It makes me so mad sometimes.  I feel so disrespected.  Well I got scared walking down Cooper so I turned on Benge (That\’s where the church is)  and walked all the way to Davis then I went till Park Row (Which is where Arlington high School is) and back on Cooper till Taco Bell.  It was a round about way of doing that.  I ate so much once I got there.  Then Rachel showed up and me, Rach and Chris went to the mall.  It was fun.  Then we went to wal-mart.  Then we went to Chris\’s to watch the 3rd Harry Potter movie.  I had mixed feelings about it.  I liked it, but the books are way better.  Especially that one.  That book rocked!  The movie left out alot of background information and some stuff just didn\’t make sense.  They didn\’t even explain who made the marauder\’s map or why Harry\’s patronous was a stag or how Sirius Black got out of Azkaban or why the shrieking shack is even there, or why the whomping willow is there.  And I didn\’t think they really explained the whole Sirius Black situation very well.  They hated each other and all of a sudden they\’re best friends but i didn\’t feel like it was well explained.  And the firebolt thing?  That just made me mad.  Why did they even put it in there if they\’re not gonna put it in there right?  I wanna live up north.  like Philadelphia or Boston.  I was thinking about that yesterday.  The northeast is so beautiful.  Maybe one day I\’ll get to.  I\’m coming down to Houston tomorrow.  You know what that means?  I have to get my room ready for me to leave today.  Talk to ya\’ll later!

\”I could \’Kling-on\’ you.\” – Me

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