Cake Please

I am so mentally drained.  I hate Tuesdays.  Astronomy. Sociology. Astronomy Lab.  I don\’t get out of class till 1:20 then I came home and watched Garden state….not for any recreational reason but to take notes on it so that I could write my English paper.  So I just spent the last 4 HOURS writing said english paper.  So that\’s like 6 hours of doing English work plus the 4 hours I was in class.  That\’s 10 straight hours of work.  grumble grumble.  I don\’t think I\’ve ever spent that long on a paper ever.  I hope it\’s ok.  1,293 words should NOT have taken me 4 hours to write.  I\’m burnt out.  I have to really start applying myself again.  I think I could be really smart and do really well if I really really really worked hard. It\’s not that I don\’t work, cause I do, I just think some things in life are more important than academia…like people.  My brain is so mushy right now though.  No more work for me.  Not for the rest of the day.  I had a sociology test today.  It was way harder than the last one.  I hope I did ok.  Not too much else going on in my life.  We have cake in my dorm!

\”Can bacteria live in space?\” – some guy in my Astronomy class

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